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Near to Hi-Tech City MMTS Station, Beside Ankura Hospital

Plot No 63/A, 7th Phase, KPHB, Hyd - 500072 

91000 79393, 040-4852 7788

Email: info@mylasoft.com                         www.mylasoft.com 

Training on


(Amazon Web Services)

Duration: 30 Days                                                                         Duration per Day: 1hr 30Mins.

The below mentioned are dealt along with the course content:


1)      Basics of Linux (2 to 3 classes).

2)      Nagios (Monitoring tool for AWS).

3)      WHM,cPANEL (Hoisting Platforms).

4)      Namecheap, DNS madeeasy (Domain Registers).

5)      Botmetric  (Cloud management solution).

6)      Trouble shooting on real time issues.


Note: Faculty is Real Time expert in AWS. Guidance in Resume Preparation will be provided.


Introduction to Cloud Computing

Ø    Introduction to Cloud Computing 

Ø    Why Cloud Computing? 

Ø    Benefits of Cloud Computing 

Cloud Computing Issues

Ø    Security 

Ø    Costing Model 

Ø    Service Level Agreement (SLA) 

Ø    Cloud Interoperability Issue

Ø    What to migrate?

Ø    Legal and Compliance

Types of Cloud Computing

Ø    Public Cloud

Ø    Private Cloud

Ø    Hybrid Cloud

Ø    Community Cloud

Ø    Infrastructure as a Service

Ø    Software as a Service

Ø    Platform as Service


Ø    What is virtualization?

Ø    Virtualization and Computing

Ø    Types of virtualization

Ø    Virtualization terminologies

Ø    Hypervisor

Ø    Benefits

Ø    Vendors


Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Introduction to AWS

Ø  Elastic computing

Ø  Introduction to the AWS products

Ø  Regions and Availability Zones

Ø  Signing up for AWS

Ø  AWS Free usage tier

Ø  Security groups

Ø  Choosing the AMI

Ø  Creating a new AMI

Ø  IP Addressing Scheme Public and Private IP’s

Ø  Deploying a new instance from the created


Ø  AMI Migration

Ø  Key Pairs

Ø  Elastic IP’s

EC2 Instances

Ø  Understanding AMI

Ø  Launching your first AWS instance

Ø  On-demand Instance pricing

Ø  Reserved Instance pricing

Ø  Spot instance pricing

Ø  Setting up security

ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)

Ø  Introduction to ELB

Ø  Basic ELB concepts

Ø  Internet-facing ELB

Ø  VPC-facing ELB

Ø  Create an ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)

Ø  Adding and removing instances on ELB

EBS (Elastic Block Storage)

Ø  Create EBS volumes

Ø  Delete EBS Volumes

Ø  Attach and detach EBS volumes

Ø  Mounting and un-mounting EBS volume

Ø  Creating and deleting snapshots

Ø  Creating volumes from snapshots

Simple Notification Service SNS)

Ø  What is SNS?

Ø  Creating a topic

Ø  Create subscription

Ø  Subscribed to the subscription (SQS,Email,


SES (Simple Email Services)

SQS (Simple Queue Service)


Cloud Watch

Ø  Cloud watch dashboard

Ø  Configuring Monitoring services

Ø  Setting thresholds

Ø  Configuring actions

Ø  Creating a cloud watch alarm

Ø  Getting statistics for EC2 instances

Ø  Monitoring other AWS services

Ø  Configuring Notifications

Ø  Integrating cloud watch with Auto scaling

Auto Scaling

Ø  Horizontal vs. vertical scaling


April 24, 2018 — 9:00 am to
May 04, 2018 — 6:00 pm

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Near MMTS Hitech city Station
Kphb 7th Phase
Hyderabad, Telegana